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Silver Linings by Alex Fevola

Silver Linings by Alex Fevola

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SILVER LININGS is a story of resilience from an Australian woman who knows more than most about what it takes to bounce back from hardship.

Alex Fevola grew up with a love of horses and make-up, and a determination to work hard; dabbling in modelling as a teen led to a promising start to a career in photography. A new chapter of her life was just beginning when tragedy struck, and she lost her partner and the father of her newborn daughter, Mia. Then, with barely a moment to grieve, and a young baby dependant on her, Alex almost succumbed to a life threatening health emergency.

Life was to deal Alex Fevola many more lows and highs, not least of which she experienced through her turbulent relationship with AFL football great Brendan Fevola.

Now a successful businesswoman and founder of her own make-up brand, mum to four beautiful daughters and reunited with Brendan, Alex Fevola is ready to share her emotional journey. This is a story of triumph over adversity and pain, and making it through to the other side, stronger than before.

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