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Pink Flesh: Pink-Toned Creamy Concealer

Pink Flesh: Pink-Toned Creamy Concealer

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 This creamy mineral formula with a peachy hue and satin finish will create reflective coverage without `caking’ those fine lines around the eyes. Shea butter will condition skin, whilst natural plant based waxes assist with blending ability for a smooth application. 

 Best applied under the eye to brighten the area & on eyelids to neutralise the appearance of veins or redness & acts as an eyeshadow primer.

Coming in a standard size pot to ensure the product won't dry out and with a concentrated formula you only need to use a small amount per application. (6g)

PRO TIP:  To avoid ‘drying’ or ‘caking’ Apply moisturising eye cream, straight before concealer application. With cream still on fingertips, apply concealer using a minimal amount, this will give you the best results and prevent cakey under eyes. 

Not tested on Animals and Australian Made

Certified Organic Ingredient

Vegan Friendly

Store at temperatures below 20 oC.

Shelf life 24 months. 

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