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Mixing Makeup Palette

Mixing Makeup Palette

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New to makeup or a makeup guru, this is a product you must have!

What it is:

A palette for mixing your makeup easily.

No need for the back of your hand to become dirty and then yes you think you've washed your hands thoroughly but nope, foundation still gets on your clothes!

 The smooth surface makes it easy to apply your foundation, to mix colours and textures (most of us use two foundation colours for those in between seasons) and even use the palette to create your own fave lip combo.

The palette is perfect if you pour too much on the back of your hand - just place the palette in a clear zip log bag and use it the next day. Say goodbye to wasting any amount of product! 

Designed to be cleaned after each use with the Skin Prep cleansing pad. 

A percentage of the profit from every purchase of the Mixing Palette will go directly towards Amaze - understanding, engaging and celebrating the strengths, interests and aspirations of people on the autism spectrum. 

Please note that this mixing palette and packaging was designed with the help of Sonny, a 7-year-old boy who is neurodivergent.  


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